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Precise Information

We are naturally describing all our products on the Website for your best convenience; we are describing every product in a very accurate way so that it will lead you to the better knowledge of the product sold by our Website. All the products are reliable.

Step into the registration

You have to register at our site official page. After that, you may have your email address & password the access. You are the one who is responsible for the maintenance of your account and keep your account confidentiality. And you will register yourself on our website; you can visit the Website whenever you desire

Account Limit

We allow you to purchase continuosly our product as long as we do not make any changes in the products at the best price. You can also check the product description and quantity on our website. We shared new references or reports from time to time; we also shared additional information for you to increase your interest. You have to update your account from time to time for better services being provided by us.


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Protection of data

We protect the information of every single person who visits our site or who is our registered member. Every data collected by us through our Website will be held securely. Any confidential information supplied by you is provided in confidence and shall not be used for any other.

Medical information

Healthkartwheel contains all general information for our customers about medical conditions, diagnoses, and treatments. If you have particular inquiries concerning any therapeutic issue, you ought to counsel your primary care physician or another expert social insurance supplier; on the off chance that you figure you might experience the ill effects of any ailment, you should look for prompt medicinal consideration.

We give the data identified with pretty much every drug on our Website, you need to type the name of the medicine in the inquiry box, and you will become more acquainted with the required data identified with you looked through the thing. The information provided by us is that on which you can rely upon. Other medical tests are also offered to you by our site; before booking the test, you can check the relevant information regarding the test i.e., we have provided a detailed description of the trials and medicines supplied by us. The user can check and get to know everything regarding health issues.

Placing an order and payment mode

While placing an order on our site you should be the registered member of the Website unless you will not be able to place an order if you have an account, you do not need to follow further steps and if you do not have an account in our site make it for easy access. You consent to pay at full the costs for any buys you make either by acknowledging/platinum card simultaneous with your online request or by other installment implies worthy by us. You consent to make good on all material regulatory obligations. On the off chance that payment isn’t gotten by us from your credit or charge card guarantor or its specialists, you consent to pay all sums due upon interest by us. Certain items that you buy and download on or through the Web Site might be liable to additional terms and conditions displayed to you at the hour of such buy or download.

Delivery and packing cost.

Delivery of the product will be made available as earlier as possible. We will be entitled to cancel orders without notice if delivery of the order cannot be taken within the mentioned hours of placing the order unless otherwise agreed by us. Our costs are indicated restrictive of conveyance costs. Conveyance costs are payable notwithstanding the measure of our item and must be paid by you simultaneously as you pay for our item. Except if we make different game plans with you, our item is conveyed legitimately to your work locale depicted in your record. If you request that we provide our product to another address, we may not charge an additional fee from you. But keep it in mind that postage and packing cost will be added to your order and will depend upon the total cost of items you ordered. The postage and packing charges you will pay will be displayed on the screen before you confirm your order.

The facility of error notification

When you take the delivery of our product, you must inspect it immediately. You should check the delivery item sent by us to you by the receipt provided; if you believe the item shipped to you is damaged or with any error, you can contact us immediately. We will give you the same thing within 48 hours.