It is important to protect yourself while shopping online. Your online security and safety is our top priority. We are making every effort to keep your personal and financial information safe and secure.

Feel free while shopping:

  • You should always check the email address carefully and verify that the URL is legitimately safe.
  • we want to make sure that you feel secure while placing orders on our website and we take every precaution to ensure your safety.
  • SSL certificates are used to create an encrypted channel between the client and the server. With an SSL certificate, 
  • data is encrypted prior to being transmitted via Internet. When you access a website secured by an SSL certificate issued by a trusted Certification Authority, you will see https:// at the beginning of its URL

The use of information provided by you:

Secure connections become very important when we are gathering information from our site’s visitors through a web order form. We use the information provided by you to get in touch with you and to inform you about the services we are providing.Other person will not have access to your private information. we will use the data provided by you only for the billing purpose and it is our important duty to keep your data protected from any unauthorized access.

Payment security

You can be sure that your credit or debit card details are safe when you order on our website. We never actually see any of your card details, nor do we store your card details in any form. When you are asked for a credit card number during checkout for payment, it will be SSL encrypted and the information you provide will be stored securely on our servers.