·       Elimination of toxin from the body.
·      200ml ,  Protect liver from damage.
·       Helps regeneration of liver cells.
·       Provide anti-infective, antiviral and antioxidant benefits.
·       Used for the treatment and prevention of Hepatitis B and E, Sluggish liver, fatty liver.
·       Helps in enzyme activity and normalizes liver function.
·       Beneficial remedy for patients suffering from gas, indigestion, belching, fatigue and tiredness.
·       Specialist for children.
·       Helps the resistance of liver against alcohol abuse, unhealthy food and oily food.

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For anyone dealing with liver issues, RUDRAA LIVER OM is one of the best tonics you can always turn to. Filled with herbal compounds, RUDRAA LIVER OM are best known for promoting and enhancing the healthy functioning of liver and healthy secretion of liver enzymes. This in turn improves body metabolism. Revanchini, one of the compounds is best known for cleaning liver from Hepatisis B and E Virus. This tonic can be consumed by everyone including elderly people and children who are above 8 years of age.

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